Dr. Shikha Puri

            Meet Doctor Shikha Puri, an anchor dentist at Woodside Family Dental. She graduated from The Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine in 2009 with honors. Shortly after she moved to California where she completed her residency at Bay Area Implant Institute. Her career rapidly progressed from an associate dentist to a managerial position until she took over a dental practice in Redwood City, California.

        Dental surgery has been her passion, therefore she pursued certification in dental implants in 2018. Her scope of practice also includes porcelain fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions, and ortho treatment. Most of the procedures are done using the latest technology: 3D imaging, and guided surgery. It gives precise measures of a new implant and crown placement. Providing modern patient care is one of the values of the practice. 

            Another shared value of Dr. Puri is preventive care: teaching patients how to take care of their oral hygiene at home and with consistent check-ups and cleanings allows them to avoid invasive treatment. It simply can’t be stressed enough, and never left off in Woodside Family Dental. 

            Dr. Shikha Puri believes that patient care starts with diligent assessment and identifying patients’ needs. Followed by diagnoses and careful planning of the treatment. Individualized approach, one patient at a time, and expertise are the key values of her practice.